Authenticated 19th Century Photographs
of Black Confederates

The Most Circulated Photographs on the Internet


Picture of Marlboro Jones, aka Marlboro Camp
  Novel titled Lyddy, which features Marlboro as a character
 Marlboro Jones,
a.k.a. Marlboro Camp
Lyddy: A Tale of the South
by Eugenia Jones Bacon,
a 1898 novel  features
Marlboro as a character

Marlboro[ugh] Jones (a.k.a. Marlboro Camp), Slave of
Captain Randal F. Jones
7th Georgia Cavalry

Note:  Marlboro was also known by the public as Marlboro Camp, the body servant of Major Raleigh Camp with the 40th Regiment Georgia Volunteers (Infantry).  However, Major Raleigh Camp married into the Jones family; thus Marlboro's name was Marlboro Jones.



Silas Chandler and Andrew Chandler

The Chandler Boys Painting by Randy Bender 

Andrew Chandler (left), 
Silas Chandler (right)

The Chandler Boys
Oil Painting
Artist: Randy Bender (2005)

Silas Chandler, Former Slave of
Andrew Martin Chandler
44th Mississippi Infantry (Company F)
1912 Andrew Chandler Interview Transcript:  Weider History Group Online


Louis Napoleon Nelson with grandson Nelson Winbush
Louis Napoleon Nelson

Louis Napoleon Nelson (left),
Nelson  W. Winbush, grandson (right)

Louis Napoleon Nelson,
postwar picture

Louis Napoleon Nelson
7th Tennessee Cavalry
Picture on left Source: J. Stephen Conn


Picture of Burrell, who served with John Wallace Comer
Burrell, Body Servant of
John Wallace Comer, CSA 2nd Lieutenant
57th Alabama Infantry
Source 1: Alabama Department of Archives and History
Source 2: UNC University Libraries:Collection Number 00167-z


Picture of Jefferson (Jeff) Shields, who served with Colonel James Kerr Edmonson

Jefferson (Jeff) Shields, Body Servant of
Colonel James Kerr Edmondson
Company H , Rockbridge Rifles, 27th Virginia Infantry
Source: Richard Williams, Historian

Note: Jeff Shields was also known by the public as a cook of General Stonewall Jackson; however, his claim has not been substantiated.


Reuben Patterson with Mary Patterson
 "Uncle" Reuben Patterson (left)
Mary Patterson (right)
Reuben Patterson, Body Servant of
Colonel Josiah Patterson
5th Alabama Cavalry

Heritage Preservation, Inc
Photo Source: Courtesy of Patterson descendant,
Mrs. Maggie Dalla Tanna of New York

Black Confederate Mat Gray
Mat Gray
Former Slave who accompanied his master to war 
with the Confederate States Army
Photo Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History

Confederate Drummer Henry Brown

Henry Brown
who served with the 8th South Carolina Infantry, Company F
and the 21st South Carolina Volunteers Infantry Company H
Photo Source:  
Old Darlington District Chapter 
of The South Carolina Genealogical Society


Polk Arnold

Polk Arnold
who served with Nathan Bedford Forrest Escort Cavalry
Photo Source: Courtesy of Leslie D. Marsh
Commander, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Sumner A. Cunningham Camp #1620

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