Tennessee Department of State
Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications

Beginning in 1891 the Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners determined eligibility by each soldier's (1) inability to support oneself, (2) honorable separation from the service, and (3) residence in the state for one year prior to application.  Applications without a unit denotes that an applicant was not in a field unit but was assigned a job necessary to the war effort.

To request a certified copy of the pension application for the following Black Confederate Soldiers, complete the Tennessee State Library and Archives Military Records Search Request Form under the Civil War category.  Note the soldier's name and the Pension # (CXXX) on the form.  Fees apply.

Names listed below are sorted by unit for your convenience. For official listings and information, visit the Tennessee State Library Archives.

C in the Pension # means Colored Pension
Colored = Black = African-American

Posted as of September 2010
 #Soldier NameCounty  Pension #  Unit or Widow
1Beaumont, BenStewartC10910th Cav.
2Easley, EdomHickmanC23710th Cav.
3Minor, NedStewart C11010th Cav.
4Moore, JohnHickman C26310th Cav.
5Shad, Steven (Stephen)GibsonC8210th Cav.
6Shackelford, ElijahMauryC5510th Ga. Inf.
7Coleman, JacobGilesC211th Ala. Inf.
8Gordon, NathanMauryC5311th Cav.
9Miller, WilliamRutherford C16211th Cav.
10Rivers, MattGilesC15311th Cav.
11Grimes, Daniel W.RobertsonC22811th Inf.
12Harris, Charles]DicksonC6811th Inf.
13Bibb, WilliamRutherfordC13612th Ala. Inf.
14Jennings, JosephHamblen C11612th Cav.
15Barksdale, HendersonGibsonC10212th Inf.
16Buchanan, HenryRutherfordC11412th Inf.
17Swift, AaronCrockettC5712th Inf.
18Tyson, AlfredMadisonC11912th Ky. Cav.
19O'Neal, WilliamMadison C15712th Miss. Cav.
20McClaran, BobShelbyC18013th Cav.
21Walker, BaileyDyerC11813th Inf.
22Bobbitt, CarterMadisonC14814th Cav.
23Littrell, CharleyHardeman C16814th Cav.
24McNeel]Shelby C2114th Cav.
25Wharton, FrankHaywoodC16714th Cav.
26Ligon, HenryObion C17914th Inf.
27Nolen, AlexMontgomery C6614th Inf.
28Johnson, RichardShelby C4014th Miss. Inf.
29Sweeney, George W. HamiltonC12914th Miss. Inf.
30Cannon, CharlesShelbyC217154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
31DeGraffenreid, NathanFayetteC16154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
32Hayes, CaesarShelbyC34154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
33Wharton, Alex ("Big Alex")MadisonC71154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
34Kennedy, ManuelShelby C16115th Miss. Cav.
35Grigsby, Thomas R.ShelbyC3016th Cav.
36Jarnigan, DavidKnox C3116th Cav.
37Smith, LewisDavidsonC10816th Cav.
38Drake, G. W.DavidsonC9316th Inf.
39Ware, CharlesWarrenC20516th Inf.
40Gentry, JamesMarshallC15417th Inf.
41Hastings, AlexBedfordC14117th Inf.
42Knight, Lewis (Louis)Franklin C12417th Inf.
43McCullough, NedRutherford C13717th Inf.
44Smith, J. WessMooreC4717th Inf.
45Murray, BranchFayette C12817th Miss. Inf.
46Averitt, AlbertRutherfordC4518th Inf.
47Tuggle, RichardShelbyC17618th Inf.
48Webb, CharlieFayetteC17818th Inf.
49Williams, G. H.RutherfordC98 & C22518th Inf.
50Nelson, HenryGibson C2319th & 20th Cav.
51Maney, JamesRutherford C1641st (Field's) Inf.
52Gregory, NedFranklinC31st (Turney's) Inf.
53Caldwell, JohnDavidsonC831st Cav.
54Cunningham, OsborneWilliamsonC871st Cav.
55Locke, AlfredRhea C1471st Cav.
56Mayes, HarrisonMaury C441st Cav.
57Wilkerson, CharlesHaywoodC591st Cav.
58Duncan, JamesHardinC2711st Inf.
59Garner, GeorgeFranklinC291st Inf.
60Ledbetter, RalphDavidson C541st Inf.
61McEwen, George W. Davidson C951st Inf.
62Phillips, AsaFranklinC2201st Inf.
63Anderson, IkeStewartC961st Ky. Cavalry
64Muzzall, LewisHenry C6520th Cav.
65Porter, AlexHenryC3820th Cav.
66Woods, SmithDyerC7720th Cav.
67Word, GeorgeGibsonC2820th Cav.
68Brown, John L.HamiltonC18620th Inf.
69Crutcher, JackWilliamsonC2620th Inf.
70Newsom, SilasDavidson C8020th Inf.
71Wharton, Alex ("Little Alex")MadisonC7221st Cav.
72Ready, AlbertRutherfordC9723rd Inf.
73Easley, W. M.HickmanC1024th Inf.
74Gray, AlbertHickmanC22424th Inf.
75Hickerson, ClayCoffeeC7924th Inf.
76Jones, ZackHickman C11724th Inf.
77Kinnon, TaylorHaywood C20324th Inf.
78Mayberry, JimHickman C20424th Inf.
79Ransom, AlexanderBedfordC20224th Inf.
80Seay, Frank M. WilliamsonC14524th Inf.
81Tidwell, MarshallHickmanC26824th Inf.
82Ward, MoseHickmanC26224th Inf.
83Guffin, ButlerShelbyC15026th Ga. Inf.
84McNeely, RushMadison C17227th Inf.
85Travis, JackCarrollC4227th Inf.
86Rice, RichardKnoxC13829th Inf.
87Bradley, R. H.MadisonC10429th Miss. Inf.
88Henry, WessTrousdaleC782nd & 21st Cav.
89Hord, Frederick R.HawkinsC622nd Cav.
90Lankford, Archie DavisTipton C2082nd Cav.
91Liggett, R. M. Roane C1602nd Cav.
92Parrish, JohnWilliamsonC1662nd Cav.
93Youree, HenrySumnerC122nd Cav.
94Banks, PorterDavidsonC502nd Inf.
95Rucker, WilliamRutherfordC1112nd Inf.
96Dortch, CharlesMontgomeryC1522nd Ky. Cav.
97Rowe, WillHenryC2492nd Ky. Cav.
98Webber, LeeShelbyC852nd Ky. Cav.
99Bell, William CarrollRobertsonC13930th Inf.
100Turner, PeterRobertsonC10330th Inf.
101Thomas, BenMontgomeryC4931st Ala. Inf.
102Cason, FrazierChesterC17331st Inf.
103Rodgers, WilliamLakeC17531st Inf.
104Tansie, EdWeakleyC731st Inf.
105Duke, AlfredShelbyC1903rd (Forrest's) Cav.
106Hanna, GeorgeHickmanC2523rd (Forrest's) Cav.
107Whitelaw, WrightHaywoodC206 & C2363rd (Forrest's) Cav.
108Earle, TurnerFayetteC733rd Cav.
109Gober, SilasFayetteC1403rd Cav.
110Jones, Ben J. Knox C1063rd Inf.
111Lester, RichardGiles C43rd Inf.
112Withers, JamesShelbyC1333rd Miss. Cav.
113Wyatt, BillieLakeC1653rd Mo. Cav.
114Abernathy, RuffGilesC143rd TN Inf.
115Dabney, MackMauryC903th [sic] Inf.
116Hastin, J. G.MonroeC8442nd Ga. Cav.
117Cansler, Hugh LawsonKnoxC12243rd Inf.
118Clayton, SamDavidsonC23446th Inf.
119Kindey, JamesHenry C25346th Inf.
120Searcy, ShadrickHamiltonC23546th Inf.
121Dillon, JimDavidsonC8947th Inf.
122Caruthers, JohnWilsonC24148th Inf.
123Church, HenryWilliamsonC1948th Inf.
124Fitzgerald, John MartinMauryC7448th Inf.
125Watkins, WadeLauderdaleC26948th Inf.
126Whiteside, CharlieHickmanC11348th Inf.
127Gooch, JamesDavidsonC259 & C2404th (McLemore's) Cav.
128Murray, CharlesShelby C2264th (Murray's) Cav.
129Chapman, ToneyDavidsonC154th Cav.
130Patton, Robert BruceDavidsonC244th Cav.
131Payne, Tillman PriceTrousdaleC814th Cav.
132Starnes, HardinDavidsonC2384th Cav.
133Thompson, MarshallDavidsonC2294th Cav.
134Yansey, George W.1ObionC2074th Ga.
135Jones, LeroyTipton C1204th Inf.
136Hale, Reuben GrissimWilsonC64th Inf. (Quartermaster Dept.)
137East, George WashingtonDavidsonC134th Tex. Cav.
138Johnson, TomWilliamson C7550th Inf.
139Kennard, TaylorHaywood C227 54th Inf.
140Fuller, LeeFayetteC865th Ala. Cav.
141Inman, EzekielPerryC435th Cav.
142Haynes, WashingtonHenryC645th Inf.
143Farrington, JoeLakeC95th N. C. Cav.
144McCarter, WilliamBlountC17162nd Inf.
145Coleman, David B.GilesC1006th Ala. Inf.
146Bledsoe, William AnthonyMadisonC1276th Inf.
147Collier, SamMadisonC211 & C2576th Inf.
148Reid, NathanObionC946th Inf.
149Smith, Presley (Press)MadisonC706th Inf.
150White, DickHaywoodC1346th Inf.
151Vertrees, PeterSumnerC366th Ky. Cav.
152Fountain, Willis (Will)LakeC1846th Miss. Inf.
153McMillan, WilliamKnox C21077th Va. Cav.
154Dunn, JamesTrousdaleC1217th Cav.
155Hawthorne, E. D.LauderdaleC1057th Cav.
156Maclin, JamesLauderdale C1927th Cav.
157Moses, JohnMadisonC697th Cav.
158Nelson, LouisLauderdale C327th Cav.
159Nowell, SmithLauderdale C1567th Cav.
160Pugh, DawsonHaywoodC1977th Cav.
161Read, HenryLauderdaleC2727th Cav.
162Wright, AustinTiptonC2807th Cav.
163Allison, SamHaywoodC1707th Cavalry
164Cradup, Henry DavisWilsonC87th Inf.
165McNeal, Sam (or Sam Simpson)Shelby C1467th Inf.
166Reeves, JamesWilsonC337th Inf.
167Gatewood, WeslyShelbyC1317th Miss. Inf.
168Quarles, HarveyDavidsonC2148th & 28th Inf.
169Burns, DaveWayneC1238th Cav.
170Gore, HenryDavidsonC1328th Cav.
171Pearce, GeorgeGibsonC1358th Cav.
172Cullom, SamOvertonC588th Inf.
173Dance, GeorgeMooreC468th Inf.
174Lester, RobertDavidson C1268th Inf.
175Musgroves, Billie WebsterShelby C2158th Miss. Cav.
176Lipscomb, ThomasObion C639th Bn. Cav.
177Stephenson, MonroeMauryC119th Bn. Cav.
178Foster, JoeHickmanC2779th Cav.
179Harding, JamesDavidsonC259th Cav.
180More, GilesGiles C229th Cav.
181Akins, JohnDavidsonC2219th Cavalry
182Anderson, GeorgeHickmanC2169th Cavalry
183Buford, WilliamWilliamsonC189th Inf.
184Winston, ManielShelbyC1559th Inf.
185Mickles, StepneyShelby C1749th Miss. Inf.
186Arnold, PolkBedfordC5Forrest's Escort Cav.
187Greer, JonesMarshallC61Forrest's Escort Cav.
188Russell, FrankWilliamsonC17Forrest's Escort Cav.
189Wilkes, NimMauryC1Forrest's Headquarters
190Matthewson, GeorgeHenry C37Ga. Troops
191Forrest, ThorntonShelbyC48 & C151General Forrest's
192Jones, MonroeShelby C41Miss. Art.
193Neal, HenryMadison C130Miss. Regt.
194Windrow, WyattRutherfordC251Regiment not give
195Avant, Alfred ScottRutherfordC275Regiment not given
196Bates, HenryMonroeC188Regiment not given
197Blackwell, AbeFayetteC187Regiment not given
198Boyd, GeorgeMcMinnC281Regiment not given
199Brown, AlfredBradleyC233Regiment not given
200Carter, BobFayetteC101Regiment not given
201Catlett, TomMonroeC189Regiment not given
202Douglass, LeviHaywoodC99Regiment not given
203Eatherly, WilliamDavidsonC285regiment not given
204Elder, HalGibsonC273Regiment not given
205Garner, GeorgeFranklinC246Regiment not given
206Garrett, George W.ShelbyC244Regiment not given
207Gibson, JohnHickmanC274Regiment not given
208Grimes, Dan W.Not givenC231Regiment not given
209Hairston, JohnLincolnC183Regiment not given
210Hannah, PerryMauryC254Regiment not given
211Hays, LukeCrockettC279Regiment not given
212Henderson, HenryWhiteC88Regiment not given
213Jones, WillieCrockett C278Regiment not given
214Lee, ClarkHamilton C107Regiment not given
215Moore, BenjaminBradley C250Regiment not given
216Morris, PadenHaywood C256Regiment not given
217Newsom, SamDavidson C270Regiment not given
218Norris, BillFayette C276Regiment not given
219Payne, TinkObionC284Regiment not given
220Sharpe, CalHickmanC248Regiment not given
221Stover, RobertCarterC91Regiment not given
222Walker, Isaac L.HickmanC258Regiment not given
223Otey, EphriamWilliamson C20Unassigned
224Stegall, RobertLincolnC76Unassigned
225Winfield, HenryShelbyC282Unassigned (Bodyguard
226Nicholson, Isaac R.Davidson C60Unassigned (Comm.
227Donnell, William M.BedfordC51Unassigned (Comm. Dept.)
228Davis, BenShelbyC39Unassigned (Forrest's
229Brown, AndersonMadisonC209Unassigned (Horse Shoer)
230Francis, EdwardFranklinC213Unassigned (Hospital
231Kirk, SamRutherford C125Unassigned (Hospital service)
232Shelby, WallaceDavidsonC219Unassigned (Hospital service)
233Baker, JimFayetteC239Unassigned (Laborer)
234Ivie, Wiley SuttonBedfordC52Unassigned (Quartermasters)
235Bryant, HenryMeigsC169Unassigned (Recruit Office)
236spelled Dismukes]MadisonC67Unassigned (Shoeman)
237Amy, PeteKnoxC143Unassigned (Supply Wagon)
238McNeil, AusburnFayette C115 Unassigned (Teamster)
239Thornton, EdwardTiptonC177Unassigned (Teamster)
240Mason, PlunkHickman C182Unassigned (Wagon train)
241Stone, FeeGibsonC158Unassigned (worked on
242Cale, NatGibsonC181Undetermined
243Churchill, JohnHardemanC212Undetermined
244Cleveland, Maurice AdamsGilesC200Undetermined
245Conn, George AdamsBedfordC198Undetermined
246Cotton, AlonzoDavidsonC283Undetermined
247Cullom, Sam W.RobertsonC232Undetermined
248Gilliam, RobertShelbyC185Undetermined
249Gray, DockHickmanC218Undetermined
250Green, JohnHamblenC261Undetermined
251Harris, WashGilesC163Undetermined
252Hornbeak, RashHickmanC260Undetermined
253Hunter, BookerWilliamsonC92Undetermined
254Jackson, HenryShelbyC149Undetermined
255Johnson, George FloydKnox C201Undetermined
256Johnson, PeterHickman C191Undetermined
257Johnson, WilliamWilliamson C27Undetermined
258Robertson, WilliamMauryC142Undetermined
259Robinson, JamesDavidsonC35Undetermined
260Robison, John OscarCarrollC199Undetermined
261Russell, PeterLewisC265Undetermined
262Sanford , PeterTiptonC144Undetermined
263Schoolfield, H. M. RoaneC112Undetermined
264Terry, JohnHamiltonC255Undetermined
265Thomas, AddMauryC267Undetermined
266Wood, M. E.HamiltonC222Undetermined
267Woods, JohnLewisC264Undetermined
268Mathis, DallHaywoodC159Undetermined -
269Hailey, AlbertDavidsonC56UNIT: 44th Inf.

Also see on microfilm, Tennessee Colored Confederate Veteran Pension Applications by Pat Spurlock Elder, E548.E43

Sutherland, Jonathan. African Americans at War: An Encyclopedia, Volume 1. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, Inc. 2004. Print.


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