“Prejudice is not bound by color.”
~Ann DeWitt

This project emerged from the research of Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks’ novel titled Entangled In Freedom: A Civil War Story.

Created by Ann DeWitt, this website is a repository of historical facts, data, and chronicles about African Americans who served with the Confederate States Army from 1861 to 1865.  The research presented is based on the individual contributions of African-Americans whose military service with the Confederate States Army was strategic to the building of America during the war.  Thus, this website aims to honor these African-American men and women who are unsung veterans of American military history.

Information is added, updated, and categorized weekly.  The Black Confederate Soldiers website staff promptly corrects factual errors which are brought to our attention.  Also, we welcome feedback which propels the research of African-Americans who served in various capacities with the Confederate States Army.


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